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Welcome, I’d like to share a little of who I am and how I can help you.

My name is Charmaine Renaud an author, speaker and natural healer with industry certified qualifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, remedial massage, kinesiology, reflexology, Chinese herbs, AcuGraph and related modalities.

I have been the director of my own natural health clinic established twenty-five years ago. Completing thousands of treatments helping people regain health and vitality through a practical hands-on approach.

My is passion is to help women who struggle with Stress and Anxiety, Hormonal issues, Weight gain, and Exhaustion, to reclaim their Joy, Feel Fantastic, and be Naturally Healthy.

I love mentoring groups and individuals, online and in my clinic through Discovery Sessions, Programs and Speaking Engagements.

My personal health journey recovering from severe ill health, and a passion to empower others to live happy, healthy, heartfelt lives, has driven me to create proven signature program 5 Keys to Master your Lifestyle.

A consultation includes an in-depth assessment of your health, see “How I work” for more info

Life is too short to spend it being ruled by your emotions, hormones, fatigue and struggling with weight. Book an appointment and together I’ll help you regain your health and vitality to feel fantastic, starting now.


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Charmaine Renaud BHSc

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What I Do

Do you want


in this Crazy world?

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to De-Stress?

Is your

Self Confidence

letting your down?

Release your personal

Clarity and

Freedom in life?

Is it your Turn

to be Mentally and

Physically Healthy?

Charmaine is an author, speaker and confidence coach specialising in women’s health. 

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Just Released Book : How to Turn off your Negative Mind Chatter includes worksheets & health tips to live a naturally fantastic life.  As you discover the 5 Keys to Calm, Confidence and Contentment

Master your mind and you will have Total Health Naturally

Women’s Health Hub

Inner Circle

The demands of life and being time poor, we regularly put everyone else first and forget to care for ourselves.

Therefore, staying on track can be a lonely road of What if’s and I should have done……
Start now to clear any negative mind chatter by joining the Women’s Health Hub Inner Circle YOU WILL:

  • Stay motivated in a world of busy
  • Connect with like-minded women
  • Create clarity for living
  • Be present and turn off the negative mind chatter
    …and much more to becoming true to yourself!