Are your Negative Beliefs holding you back?

Are your Negative Beliefs holding you back?

I wasn’t living life I was just existing!

25 years ago my life was so so different!

My life wasn’t living, I was just existing  being a wife and mother of two children, 5 and 7 years old.

I was giving life to everyone else, I had forgotten about nourishing my own health.

Feeling sad, lonely and unworthy, not allowing or knowing how to be my best and therefore not sharing this with anyone especially my family.

Totally exhausted, to the point of feeling drained all the time. My cup was empty!

My self-esteem was non-existent and I found it difficult to mingle and meet with people.

I felt sick looking at food or even thinking about food. While preparing or eating food was a nightmare, making it difficult to arrange for the family including myself.

This was not living life!

My negative beliefs consumed me, I was not nourishing my life physically or emotionally.

I didn’t know what to do to help myself.

Support and guidance was required to re energise, feel strong again physically and emotionally, to turn off the negative patterns of low self-esteem. Helping me to flourish and enjoy life including embracing my family again.

However, where could I go to learn how to do this? Who could help little old me?

Somehow my homeopath, opened the door, her caring and sharing of natural knowledge. Particularly Reflexology commenced a journey to heal and nurture my body physically.

Teaching me how to sustain nourishment through eating correct food for my body type and condition of ill health.

Now as years have passed, I have continued the journey to heal naturally and share 5 Keys through my healing business with hundreds of people.

The most profound of these keys to calm, confidence and contentment was, and still is to tackle the negative beliefs.

Looking back these have stopped me from

1. speaking out
2. feeling comfortable in the crowd
3. taking action to enjoy life with confidence

For where our thoughts go your life flows!

This has made me miss out on so much of living life, which is very sad to say. Please don’t let this happen to you.

For thoughts become our actions, they are embedded into every cell of our body and are reflected physically and emotionally into our lives. Often creating disease, fear and anger within, therefore not living a happy life.

Constantly we need to

If you are like me and want to renew your mind, to stay youthful inside and out, join the women’s health hub here and LIVE life today.


Bountiful Love Begins Within

Bountiful Love Begins Within

Our greatest gift is LOVE!

It costs nothing financially to give, it starts within, and it is a gift to cherish once established.

Love brings Joy, Goodness, Confidence, Peace and understanding along with Acceptance.

Such magic for all to behold.

However, fear, pride, anger sadness and forgiveness can stop people from feeling Love.

I’ll give you an example

  • By Cooking a meal – The energy of a person flows through into the meal being prepared. Have you ever sat down to eat a meal that was put together with anger? I have. My son was in a bad mood one time when it was his turn to cook the dinner. The food presented on the plate was not a good look. The atmosphere in the air at the dinner table did not go down well either. His anger energy came through into his food presentation.
  • While love shared in a meal while preparing helps the food to taste nicer
  • Cleaning the kitchen or house – If you feel upset or annoyed cleaning the house you’ll find the job difficult frustrating and annoying not necessarily doing a good job. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Aim to put on some uplifting music, sing along. This helps the time and job go quickly and efficiently, releasing boredom to see the good results achieved with love.
  • Speaking to someone with pure love – The conversation goes deeper you connect with the person and life becomes stronger. However, a conversation with irritability consumes both parties and creates negativity.

Love can be passion for life. Passion to be confident to be yourself. For when life is full of love, calm steps in and life feels lighter, as if floating, leading to life flowing, and growing.

Therefore Bountiful love begins within you. Learning how to turn off your negative mind chatter to feel it in your heart can be tricky. click here to learn how

To embrace, embody good thoughts, words and deeds is to be LOVE click on Free 5 Step Video Course

How to be Confident in Life and Business

How to be Confident in Life and Business

Being confident, knowing yourself intricately is vital to feeling Fantastic. Have understanding, accepting behaviors and internal beliefs of oneself changes a human being. Everyone can be tested in many ways in everyday life with many beliefs affecting confidence, stifling enjoyment and being oneself.

These 3 actions determine most people’s world today:

  1. Demands of work and family, because you have always been there, pulling everything together and organising the crowd
  2. Expectations from others of how they perceive you, to do it their way because you always have
  3. Time poor, rushing in life going from one activity to another without any consideration for yourself, only for others

These 3 actions create hustle and bustle of life. Putting pressure on yourself often leading to anger and resentment. Creating tension at work, home and family life, exposing a ripple affect, infiltrating people around you. Often leading to damaged self-esteem, undervaluing oneself and not feeling good enough, due to the constant pressure you are ready to explode. To top it off, the next day is like ground hog day, repeating itself with activities constant again.

It is difficult to jump off the roundabout! To Be Confident!

Learning how to discover a life of confidence, embraces your whole being, it is like magic living in the present, and importantly creating an unshakable future for you and those who are part of your life.

Finding confidence creates personal assets of:

  1. Freedom and peace, encapsulating the whole person to relax
  2. Contentment and happiness, to be You and no one else
  3. Special discovery to know yourself and love the woman inside regardless

This wonderful experience changes a world of perception. To feel wonderful creating good behaviours of Me Time which come into play with these 3 tips

3 Tips to reveal Confidence

  1. Stop, Pause and Reflect creates new ideas and a journey for calm
  2. Journal daily one or a thousand words it doesn’t matter
  3. Breathe, take deep breathes regularly to help relax and just Be

All are easy said than done. Knowing how to is the first part of the journey. The doing section comes next. To have support join Click here and come back to yourself again.

Mental Upheaval Transformed

Mental Upheaval Transformed

One of my memorable moments shared by Rita a 62-year-old lady was her transformation of mental upheaval to an uplifting life after attending the Negative Mind Chatter program. Here is what she said:

For quite a long time I was bogged down with the negative things that were happening around me.  I found it difficult to clear my mind and was in a constant state of uncertainty and mental upheaval.  From when I first woke in the morning till falling asleep the “Negative Mind Chatter” was never far away.  I knew I needed to do something about this, and your program offered me that something.

The thing that I discovered along this journey was that I CAN control how I cope with the issues that pop up and lead to the Negative Mind Chatter.  I found that by following the processes that you discussed, I have a choice on what path I take going forward.  I can leave the things that don’t really matter behind.

I feel now that I have more self-confidence to say what I feel about things and there is no longer a need to bottle my thoughts.  The “saying” may take the form of a journal entry but I have put “it” out there rather than dwelling on “it”.  I feel calmer and more contented within myself.

Your mind is a Powerful Tool if you take control and learn how you can be Yourself today. Join in the next online weekly program and accept your life with outcomes you desire.

Any questions please email or call me.

A Letter of Love

A Letter of Love

You can be Free as the Wind?

This handwritten, warm loving letter by my daughter, Bonita September 2014 helped me Stop, Reflect, and Relax. As my life’s journey evolving with my husband as we decided to leave our family home of 14 years. Always living in the local hills district of 24 years, to build a new home, at Brighton for a sea change. This shift included moving my 18 year old home grown natural healing business into a local commercial premises, to continue supporting women naturally.

To Mum from Daughter

Firstly, we love you always and this letter is in no way meant to upset you, just remind you that you have support, love and strength to do what you want to do.

Over the last month you’ve gone through a lot of change with buying two properties and changing how life works. This change is new and no doubt at times scary, daunting, exciting and challenging. Whilst none of us know exactly what you’re going through, your family are here full of support always.

You’ve always been the glue and strength through everything and we love you for that. However, now it’s our turn for us to be that for you. So if family dinner, treatments, or anything is all adding pressure to you then please say so. You are not alone in this change and we all want to help you where we can. Sometimes the hardest but most rewarding part is asking for ‘help’ or ’asking for a silent comforting hug’. At the end of the day we are here if you need us or not, and we all love you unconditionally.

Please don’t feel that you have to carry the pressure alone as it is easier when you share the load.

We are very proud of you and know you’ll do great as your strong, beautiful and powerful.

We love you always and forever

Love always your daughter

Bonita xxxx

As you soak in these heartfelt words and reminders, I feel the same way for you. This is why my passion to be healthy naturally includes support and love for you. I love watching the magic unfold, seeing you love and flourish as you enjoy your life to the full.


Break the cycle – 5 Habits to Release the Worry Loop

Break the cycle – 5 Habits to Release the Worry Loop

Is your Worry Loop stopping you living life?

Do you want to hide? Or only want your own company?

You shake as if you are shivering when worry overtakes you?

Are your emotions are so overwhelming you find it difficult to leave the house?

Do you find it uncomfortable to talk to people?

Do your eyes well up with tears at the drop of a hat?

Why does this worry and anxiety stop you from living life?

You worry about the smallest thing and you just want that thought to STOP. No matter what you do you just can’t

You’ve tried to focus on breathing correctly

You’ve written down your thoughts and even popped a pill but still the worry loop goes round and round

These constant thoughts stop you in your tracks it affects your energy and creates stress to your life

If only someone would listen

If only someone would help me click below


If only you could get over these overwhelming emotions repetitive thoughts and then life would be enjoyable

Over the past 25 years I have shared and applied these 5 Key Habits to unlock Heartfelt lives, to create calm for many applying these daily activities below. Effectively releasing the worry loop, sedating the overwhelm and creating a better world for all.

   Daily Habits to Release the

             Worry Loop


Your Body

 Rub calming ear points

Have regular acupuncture and or massage treatments

Embracing Physical


 Slow and gentle or brisk walk 10-20 minutes

Focus on deep conscious breathing


Your Mindset

  Repeat affirmation –

 ‘I am doing the BEST I can with what I know right now.”

Have Quiet time

Sustaining Nourishment Daily   First thing in the morning drink a warm glass of water

Chew food well at each meal

Eat moist food from God’s Garden

Drink 1 ½ – 2 litres of water a day this can include these herbal teas,  peppermint,  dandelion, chamomile, green, or nettle


Happy & Calm


 Stop and be mindful

Hug yourself

Have some fun, sing or watch a comedy

5 Keys to Unlock your Safe Personal Boundaries to be Unshakable

5 Keys to Unlock your Safe Personal Boundaries to be Unshakable

In life we all want to feel safe to be comfortable in who we are, what we do, requiring emotional and personal boundaries. But sometimes this safety is broken, someone or something has invaded this personal space causing feelings of insecurity, anxiety, frustrations and often a valued part of you is taken away.

Personal boundaries can vary daily, they can be seasonal and change over time. You can be in control of the outcomes by learning what your personal boundaries are today and is this what you actually want in your life? Once you have acknowledged, accepted or reset these boundaries this creates a world of contentment, comfort and confidence at home, work and social life.

Why? Because you can be that Unshakable Woman that is inside you!

personal boundaries Find out how

This may seem difficult to achieve, but safe personal boundaries are keys to a happy, healthy, heartfelt life. Anything is possible, by spending time on yourself to view your life from the outside, looking in on the inside, which reflects your beliefs and actions. From there you have choices of who you can or want to be.

Do you want to be that Unshakable Woman?

You can!

Stop today, integrate these five keys to unlock your personal boundaries:
1. Take time out, look at who you really are and what you have become
2. Have a safe place to enjoy your personal boundaries and journal your thoughts
3. Release past limitations by writing, ripping and releasing to open your future
4. Know your turning point or stepping out spot in any situations
5. Look into your life’s foundations of the past, check in, see if these values are what you want to keep or you want to believe today

This is your life. It is not a dress rehearsal we only get one chance and now is the time to discover and be the Real Unshakable Woman you can be

Read more about Personal Boundaries that Shape our Lives

Personal Boundaries that Shape our Lives

Personal Boundaries that Shape our Lives

Do you find people invade your personal boundaries? Their views, their ways upset you, it makes you feel tense, unhappy and frustrated.

You find it difficult to speak your thoughts? Words choke up in your throat and it is hard to express your beliefs?

It is even harder to say No when someone asks you to do something, even though you don’t agree with it or you don’t have time.

You know people control you. Your life is heavy and not what you personally want but you don’t know how to move forward. How to release these fences that have been created over time even before you were born. The demands and controlling patterns have invaded your personal space and there seems to be no way out.

It’s time to stand up for yourself!

Often there is one person who bothers you. Every time you see or think about them fear, anger, guilt and insignificance pops into your whole being. Afterwards you say I should have done it this way. Feeling annoyed and criticising yourself at how you reacted finding it difficult to get past this invasion of your personal boundaries.

Personal boundaries are like a fences which have been erected throughout the years. They have been put there for safety and protection due to circumstances, living environment and opinions.

But what type of boundary have you created? Is this fence line what you want for you in your life?

Let’s look at 5 Personal Boundary Fences:

  1.  A Weak Fence line anyone can walk in, make demands of your life, often invading your personal space controlling who and what you do or say. You find it difficult to say NO and this leads to overwhelm and sadness. Not living up to your full potential.
  2. No matter what your fence line looks like, the Environment is Untidy, out of control and uncared for, piling the new on top of the old, getting to the point of overload ready to break and finding it difficult to release the past to move to the future.
  3. While others put up a Big Bold Fence. This is difficult to look over or through. Having a secure gate and there is no way anyone can get inside, not even a family member. The worse is, if they require help it is difficult to let down the fence barrier. Often others are captured inside with no way out due the control of everyone’s lives.
  4. A Neat Clean cared for yard and fence, expresses calm with care knowing what they have is important and they value life regardless what has been thrown at them.
  5. A Firm Practical Fence not too big, not too small, it is just right. This person is comfortable inside their own house they choose who comes into their personal space via the gate. They know their safe place; they know their personal boundaries what they want in their lives.

Like fences, personal boundaries created over the years can BE rebuilt and altered. Creating a life of your choosing.
Which personal boundary fence do you have at the moment and is this what you want in your life?

Share your comments below what your personal boundaries have become or you would like them to be.

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Anxiety Treatment for Katrina 

Anxiety Treatment for Katrina 

Anxiety No longer for Katrina

One of my most beautiful moments in my career was Katrina, a 32 year old mother of a 5 year old daughter. She had an anxiety condition which she battled for 28 years with anxiety symptoms of being very timid, and afraid to socialise. She was felt lost and afraid of life. Her anxiety scared her so much she found it difficult to speak up for herself especially in a crowd.

At first she was sceptical that anyone could help her to reduce this Anxiety. She Just could not shake it off, even after attending many anxiety treatments over the years.

Katrina had concerns that her daughter might end up with similar stress anxiety symptoms, monkey see monkey do. She was determined to tackle her anxiety condition naturally! During her healthy mindset to Turn off the Negative mind Chatter, she noticed significant Calm, reduced Anxiety and increased Energy levels, leading to feelings that were so wonderful for her to live a life no longer of Fear trying to mix socially with people.

Anxiety Free

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Today Katrina is living a Happier life transferred from Brisbane to Canberra with her own Power Tool Box of natural healing and affirmations from the Mastery Mindset sessions she attended. Today she has a new baby boy having confidence to share comfortable with her children creating magic moments instead of living in an anxious world.

This revealing melting moments, shared by Katrina when she said:

“The greatest joy I get from all the positive changes I have made is hearing my family commenting on how much happier I am and less stressed. It means a lot to me to offer a better version of myself to those I love and care for.”

These changes have been so significant for Katrina to live a life of joy and abundance, which now reflects back today to her children and family. As everyones lives are a reflection of what we believe.

Each day we need to visit our blessings in life, to enjoy who we are and what we do but it is not until we protect the child within us. This can be challenging and varies for every individual depending on what has happened in our past. Sometimes the child requires to feel safe. Safe to speak, safe to do things, safe to smile, safe to run and safe to play. It is not until we spend time with our frightened child then we can go past stuck stages of life.

To do this we need support and direction to release the layers of ……….what troubles you.

Anxiety Free

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