Do you find people invade your personal boundaries? Their views, their ways upset you, it makes you feel tense, unhappy and frustrated.

You find it difficult to speak your thoughts? Words choke up in your throat and it is hard to express your beliefs?

It is even harder to say No when someone asks you to do something, even though you don’t agree with it or you don’t have time.

You know people control you. Your life is heavy and not what you personally want but you don’t know how to move forward. How to release these fences that have been created over time even before you were born. The demands and controlling patterns have invaded your personal space and there seems to be no way out.

It’s time to stand up for yourself!

Often there is one person who bothers you. Every time you see or think about them fear, anger, guilt and insignificance pops into your whole being. Afterwards you say I should have done it this way. Feeling annoyed and criticising yourself at how you reacted finding it difficult to get past this invasion of your personal boundaries.

Personal boundaries are like a fences which have been erected throughout the years. They have been put there for safety and protection due to circumstances, living environment and opinions.

But what type of boundary have you created? Is this fence line what you want for you in your life?

Let’s look at 5 Personal Boundary Fences:

  1.  A Weak Fence line anyone can walk in, make demands of your life, often invading your personal space controlling who and what you do or say. You find it difficult to say NO and this leads to overwhelm and sadness. Not living up to your full potential.
  2. No matter what your fence line looks like, the Environment is Untidy, out of control and uncared for, piling the new on top of the old, getting to the point of overload ready to break and finding it difficult to release the past to move to the future.
  3. While others put up a Big Bold Fence. This is difficult to look over or through. Having a secure gate and there is no way anyone can get inside, not even a family member. The worse is, if they require help it is difficult to let down the fence barrier. Often others are captured inside with no way out due the control of everyone’s lives.
  4. A Neat Clean cared for yard and fence, expresses calm with care knowing what they have is important and they value life regardless what has been thrown at them.
  5. A Firm Practical Fence not too big, not too small, it is just right. This person is comfortable inside their own house they choose who comes into their personal space via the gate. They know their safe place; they know their personal boundaries what they want in their lives.

Like fences, personal boundaries created over the years can BE rebuilt and altered. Creating a life of your choosing.
Which personal boundary fence do you have at the moment and is this what you want in your life?

Share your comments below what your personal boundaries have become or you would like them to be.