How would you like to be able to receive gracefully?

To be able to accept help easily, instead of soldiering on and doing everything yourself?

Let’s look back over the past week. Has someone offered you a helping hand?

However, because you are so busy and you are good at whatever they offered to help you with, you say no I’m ok?

Often overwhelmed with so much to do, and feeling thoroughly exhausted.

These days our lives are full of Doing something.

It is difficult to just Be.

To live in the present moment, to stay focused and to say YES, I will accept or ask for help when required.

Receiving is an art. Accepting graciously is a sense of freedom within. It helps you become yourself and love yourself, while feeling confident. No longer being the perfectionist with everything having to be your way.

Because Does It Really Matter?

Through change, anger can subside, tasks completed even if they are not to your standard. This tiny affirmation Does it Really Matter helps create a sense of calm. A chance to release and be. Helping you to feel happy, to be yourself each day.

Releasing the heaviness of life. Shoulders will relax and breathing becomes more comfortable. The mind stops racing forward and settles to focus on one thing at a time.

When you are on the go, moving, and standing we often can miss life! Especially the enjoyment and goodness around us. It is not until we stop, and be still we receive and acknowledge the good around us.

Is it your turn to receive all good?

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