Women’s Health Hub

Women’s Health Hub

Staying Motivated in our Crazy World

Many women embark on a journey of gaining calm, and confidence alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies to build their life of health and happiness.

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up running out of time, money, passion or faith in themselves.

After seeing this happen to too many women arriving worn out, tired and sad into my health clinic, I, Charmaine Renaud, decided to create an opportunity for women to learn directly from my most successful strategies to stay on track. Each month with personal, done-with-you, inner calming & confidence building sessions…

Who is the Women’s Health Hub for?

Working woman💜 

Businesswoman 💜

Empty nester 💜 

 Homemaker 💜

So many women say:

  • I find it difficult to speak up
  • I’m not Good Enough ………..
  • I’m afraid to take action, let go and join in
  • There are many jobs too do and not enough time

What I really want – Is Inner Calm and to Smile more with Confidence … I want to be HAPPY

Please, Don’t go it Alone! 💜

What Exactly do you get as a Member of the Women’s Health Hub? 

  • Weekly Uplifting, Inspiring, Calming Messages
  • Monthly online Meeting Sessions to help you create a Fantastic Life
  • What you need to focus on daily assisting Eliminate Overwhelm and Consistent Action
  • Confidence-boosting Discussions with like-minded Women
  • An Exact Framework to build a Happy, Healthy Life
  • Easy, from the comfort of your home! We meet Online, no travelling time!
  • Take a look at our engaging topics planned click here

Here is how to begin.

Commence by joining the Women’s Health Hub:

Once a month, 1st or 2nd Monday 7.30 pm zoom online.

Details will be emailed on receipt of payment.

Don’t Go it Alone
Join now for $29 month

“Thanks for inviting me to be part of the Women’s Health Hub.  I found the meditation to be very good last night. It is powerful to see yourself in a different light and move towards becoming that person.  Life throws so many curve balls at us we can forget just who we are and all that we offer each day.”

— Mrs CH Forrest Glen

About the Women’s Health Hub Founder: Charmaine Renaud BHSc

Charmaine Renaud established her own natural health clinic over twenty-five years ago and has helped hundreds of women to regain health and vitality.

Her personal journey of recovery from ill health, and her passion to empower women to live happy and healthy lives, have driven her to create her proven signature program Five Keys to Calm, Confidence & Contentment.

The Women’s Health Hub is her Vibrant Community of Women, ready to take on Life and Live it to the Fullest!

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Charmaine Renaud

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